City To City

Today I began packing up everything for my upcoming move to San Francisco. Man do you find odd things when you're trying to clean out old crap: cards from girlfriends past (and I mean LONG past), articles about bands I loved in the early 90s, pictures from high school, the list goes on. Some of these things I tossed (with some hesitation), while others I've thrown into a trunk. I'm sure I'll go through the same exact process whenever I do move again. I suppose we all (or me) gradually feel ok parting ways with these memories. I'm about 5% done packing up my crap (and boy do I have a lot of crap); I'm sure I'll stumble upon some more stuff that'll bring me back. I know I'm keeping my eyes out for some cards sent by my now-deceased grandmother. I also need to find my grandfather's wallet (an absolute treasure to me (and not because of the $3 that he had in his wallet when he passed away)).

In a matter of days or weeks I'll be a resident of the great city of San Francisco......

"Feathers fall around you and show you the way to go..." -Neil Young