The Democrats

It's no secret that the current state of the democratic party is, well, bordering on laughable. Ever since Rove and his arsenal of assholes convinced the country to re-elect W, I have drastically decreased my time spent following U.S. politics. All told, I just couldn't stand watching what was happening in this country. Sure that seems apathetic, but I found myself drowning in misery whenever I followed events here. Iraq. Katrina Aftermath. Tax Cuts. Environmenal Ambivalence. Torture. Plame Leak. It's just one damn thing after another with this despicable administration.

So I ask this: Where are the folks that DO represent some of what I believe in? When I volunteered for the Kerry campaign last year, I felt like there was a voice that stood for some of what I stand for. Sure folks didn't take to Kerry, but had Americans had the chance to see him speak in person, I think the turnout would've been very different. I digress. As this country continues to slide into chaos, where are the democrats???? John Edwards? Hillary Clinton? Where the hell are you people and why are you not speaking up? STOP with the political mapping and SPEAK THE HELL UP!

There are very few democrats out there who can inspire me. There are probably fewer than there are fingers on one of my hands. John Kerry inspired me (yes, that was intentionally past tense). Barack Obama has his moments. Bill Richardson and Joe Biden have had some impact on me at times. But overall, it's disgraceful. If the Dems don't step to the plate soon, and I mean very soon, the party will have squandered a huge opportunity to show this country that there are options outside of right-wing crooks. Unfortunately my gut (and recent history) tells me that they'll keep quiet. That is not only a shame but it's a slap in the face to those who support your party. Or rather, did support your party.