Johnny Cash & Jimmy Carter

It's odd how these two have suddenly collided to provide inspiration. I'm not talking about anything in the news; I'm simply talking about personal inspiration. Wasting away on the couch tonight, I found my way to a little tribute to Cash on Larry King. During one of the bumpers they played a live clip of Cash doing "Delia". That led me to actually turn off the program and fire up "American Recordings" from top-to-bottom (I'm at "Why Me Lord?" right now). While absorbing this fantastic record, I stumbled upon a piece about Jimmy Carter and all that he continues to tirelessly do to help the down-and-out. While the man in black empathized with the down-and-out, the peanut farmer has dedicated his life to helping those in need. One was a musician. The other was a president. In many ways, they both served us all.