The Wrens @ Slims, SF

2005's been a slow year as far as live music attendance on my end. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm about an hour south of the city, maybe it's the fact that I'm getting a bit older or maybe there just aren't many bands truly inspiring me lately. It's probably a combination of all of those. Last night that all changed.

The Wrens's ages range from about 33-41. They've recorded two full-length albums in the past ten years, the most memorable being the indie-pop masterstorke, "The Meadowlands" (2003). Last night this foursome played their second straight show in the Bay Area. Hailing from 3,000 miles away in South Jersey, The Wrens absolutely floored a packed crowd at Slims in SF. They played ballads. They played all-out, balls-out rockers. They played like a band that'd been touring for a decade (without being jaded). These guys were loving every minute of it. And it was real. "Four balding fat guys from Jersey" (as the lead singer referred to the band) put the fire back in me. This is a band to love. Apparently these guys aren't dropping their day jobs (two or three of the four have families to support) and that's understandable. Let's just hope they don't give up their part-time gigs.