It Only Took 1 Year

But after moving West, I am finally a resident of San Francisco. This weekend's haul was grueling but a pretty funny time as well. New Years in SF left a bit to be desired but I'm never one for NYE anyway. The good moments always happen when you least expect it. Cliche.

I'm now fairly settled in Pac Heights, SF. The commute to work is an absolute breeze, the apartment is cozy and the atmosphere of the city is starting to seep in. Similar to when I moved to the South Bay, I do have a little of that "Wait, ummm, what am I doing here?" feeling, but I think a lot of that can be attributed to how quiet the city's been the past week or so.

It's another new beginning of sorts. Nevertheless, although I lived in Brooklyn for about five years, this is the first time I've ever actually lived IN a major city. Richard Buckner on Friday night will be a nice introduction.

We'll see how it goes....