Justice Alito

Looks like Samuel Alito will take a pretty easy ride onto the Supreme Court. With Roberts and Alito replacing Renhquist and O'Connor this should strike some fear in the progressive minds throughout the country. Sure, most on the left will be fearful of the big issues like womens' right to choose, the death penalty and other contentious and divisive issues. There's little question that these are major issues facing this country, issues that cut to the fabric of who we are as a nation. That said, we must not forget about the issues that the media pays little heed to. With Samuel Alito joining the highest court of the land and cementing the court in favor of the conservative right, we must not forget the smaller issues that will be not only tested, but likely swung to the right. Don't forget privacy, presidential authority, checks and balances and the social issues that this country has historically kept in balance. I want to remain proud to be an American. I think we all do.