i wasn't able to make it to oakland, but i did stop into the sf spca and the sf animal shelter. i'll say this - holy f'n heartbreaking. every single pup just stares at you with eyes begging to be taken home. i wanted to round up about 200 of them and bring them back to my dump. i ended up spending time with two, both of which are german shepherd mixes. the one was a katrina survivor and this pup nearly brought tears to my eyes. when i inquired about her history, it turns out that not only did she survive katrina, but she's had cancer numerous times (her name's ETTA: http://www.sfspca.org/adoption/adoption_dog.html). I also hung out with MAYA who was a blast.

there's no question that i'm going to have a dog in the very near future, but first off, if i get a dog that exceeds 35 lbs., i have to have my landlord amend my lease (he allowed for a dog under 35 lbs. - the shelter won't allow a larger sized dog w/out his permission).

i will say this: i encourage as many people as possible to visit spca's or their local shelters. EVERY single dog i saw seemed amazingly loving and just dying to get out of there. it was great to see so many people there looking to give these dogs home, but man was it somewhat saddening.

other things i did today:
-spent about 30 mins. talking to a dude about facial moisturizers
-almost had to break up a VERY near brawl in the local thrift shop. two older guys were arguing over a pair of skid-marked pants and it almost got ugly.
-drank coffee
-bought some stuff