In 1980

I was seven years old. It was also 1980 that I decided that the Pittsburgh Steelers were my team. No, I wasn't in Pittsburgh, but rather NJ. For some reason, the NFL was the one sport where I picked a team outside of NJ/NY. I think I saw them on TV and liked their uniforms. That Christmas the only gifts I received were Steelers items: a clock, jacket, sweats, helmet....

The Steelers were great in the 70s. Since 1980 they haven't won a Super Bowl. A decade ago they came close but ended up losing to Dallas.

It's been 25 years since I fell in love with the Gold & Black. Tonight the team that I fell in love with so long ago won the Super Bowl. It wasn't the most exciting Super Bowl, but it was 25 years of waiting for me. Bill Cowher, Hines Ward, Big Ben, Bus, Porter. They won the Super Bowl.

It feels like Christmas 1980.