Number 1

How does one explain rock n' roll? I mean, isn't rock n' roll just a feeling? It's something that enters you and, in many cases, sticks there for a lifetime. To my ears no genre compares. Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, me, they're all sub-genres of rock n' roll. All of them. And that's because rock n' roll is a fusion of them all.

What is the perfect rock n' roll sound? Well, I heard it when I was about five years old. And to this day it STILL sounds perfect. It still sounds new. It still captures EVERY element of the spirit that is rock n' roll.

Of the 3,000+ records in my collection, it's Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" that captures it all. This record was released over 40 years ago, yet it's all brand new. This record defines rock n' roll.