Brooklyn To San Francisco

Where is the San Francisco that I thought I'd find? I've now lived in the Bay Area for close to two years, and I must admit, this is not the city I thought it would be.

I lived in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn for six years prior to moving to SF. After just six months of living there, I felt at home. I knew the owners of the local shops. I had stumbled upon the local bars that played the right music and served the right drinks. I found the parks. I met the right people. Brooklyn became home. There was the Italian Ice shop on 7th Avenue. There was Holy Cow Records (RIP) on 7th. There were great shows at Southpaw on 5th. There was that classic tavern beside Southpaw. There was the classic Polish family at the local laundromat.

Here in SF, I've yet to find much. I have yet to locate a bar that feels like home. The neighborhoods leave much to be desired. The people are, well, just not that welcoming.

Sure, the weather and scenery is absolutely stunning. But it feels like a city lost in its cliques.