Dems Good Beeble

It was mid-2000 when I read a classic NY Times piece on Al Gore. I can't remember the details, but it was one of those Times features on the candidates. It completely changed my outlook on politics. The guy seemed real. In an odd way, he seemed like me. I started following.

Bush won in 2000. I was angry. I felt about 3 or 4 days like GWB in the days following September 11th. I was in New York at the time and I was humbled and oddly touched by Bush's speech at the WTC. That lasted for about a week. Then came the real George W. The hypocrite. The liar. The biased prick. The man that left me wanting to leave the United States. I started to dislike my country. This wasn't America. This was ideology. This was fear. This was a man ruling like a psychopant (that can't be spelled correctly).

Then came 2004. I quit my job and worked for John Kerry. Unlike most, I truly believed in the guy. I saw him speak in the Bronx and felt something. I thought he had it. But he shrivelled under the pressure. He was a hero in Vietnam and couldn't stand up this absolute sick freak. I knew it wasn't going to happen. And it didn't.

When I walked into my apartment tonight and hit and saw that Jim Webb won Virginia I had a chill down my spine. Finally! I often wonder who in their right mind votes Republican. The Democrats want an increase to the atrocious minimum wage. They want health care for everyone. They want peace. How in the world does this country not support such causes. Gay marriage? The death penalty? Are people really that fearful? Does this REALLY drive folks to vote for sickos like Bush, Santorum and the rest of the lot.

The Democrats have won the House and the Senate. And once again I feel American. I can only hope that we're back on course to being the American that we all love. I think we are. The days of George W. Bush and his elitist pricks are coming to an end. My days of feeling like an American have returned.