The Democrats "Debate"

I rushed home from the airport tonight in hopes of catching some of the first democratic presidential debate. Unfortunately, when I popped on the TV there were only about thirty minutes left in the debate. However, this debate left me with a few impressions:

1. John Edwards was disappointing. Going into this debate, he was my guy, but after seeing him ignore a few direct and tough questions, I'm not so sure about him.

2. Barak Obama still hasn't captured anything in me. Like Edwards, he diverted questions and came off as a WAY too rehearsed politician.

3. Hillary Clinton was quite impressive. She was not only decisive, but she answered the questions posed to her.

All in all, this "debate" was a big disappointment. With the worst president in the United States still manning the Oval Office, you would hope that these debates would be firey, passionate and direct. This one was not. The only candidates who revealed some spirit were Dennis Kucinich and the former Senator from Alaska (though he's clearly a hothead).

Where do I stand after Round 1? Still longing for Al Gore.