The Democrats Cave

Did it come as any surprise that in the end, the Democrats caved and handed Bush a check with absolutely no benchmarks? For the past few months, we've heard Pelosi and Reid act tough. They pretended that they would fight to put an end to this blasphemous war. They gave us hope. But we all knew that they didn't have it in them. The Democrats control both houses of Congress yet they've done NOTHING to take on the worst president in the history of the United States. The Democrats continue to scream and swing like your average toddler, yet they do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I've been a member of the democratic party since the day I could vote. And today I'm finally considering leaving the party. I'm tired of standing alongside a party that is doing NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, to retake the Constitution, to put faith back in the American people and to stand up for what should be the party of the common man.

The Iraq War. Torture. Valerie Plame. Katrina. Corporate Scandals. Alberto Gonzales. Oil. Karl Rove. Wiretapping. Guantanamo Bay. This is George Bush's resume. And what have the Democrats done to fight back? Sure they've kicked and screamed (who isn't tired of Harry Reid's childish rants?), but in the end, zilch. Nothing. They sit back and watch it all happen.

There is one answer in 2008: Albert Gore Jr. If he doesn't jump into the race, ultimately win, and take this country back to where it needs to be, I truly fear for the future of this country and the world as a whole. Hyperbole? Just look at where we are right now. Just imagine for one moment if John McCain wins the presidency. He will not only continue on W's path, but get ready for war in Iran. Where that could lead should scare not only me, but all of mankind.


needlefrish said...

was shocked and absolutely disappointed this morning to hear the dem's had stepped down. why?

even worse - imagine giuliani - no international experience and his only fame is sept 11. he's a nightmare.

yes, we leave the country if either giuliani or mccain are crowned.