Top Five Shows

SLOBBERBONE, CLUB DE VILLE, AUSTIN, TX (SXSW), 1999: this still remains the greatest rock n' roll show i've ever seen. i've posted about this set a million times, but i will never, ever forget when jimmy smith of the gourds joined for "powderfinger". it was absolutely pouring rain, i was standing a mere foot from the stage and it was probably the greatest five minutes of rock n' roll abandon i've ever seen.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BRENDAN BYRNE ARENA, EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ 1992: we all thought the e street band was done. right when bruce busted into "tenth avenue freeze out" there was an absolute roar from the crowd. how could he play this song without clarence? well, he couldn't. right when "the big man" line began, clarence slowly walked onstage and busted out the sax. truly amazing.

WILCO, JOHNNY D'S, SOMERVILLE, MA, 1994: my introduction to the band that would become my favorite band for over a decade. when tweedy played "gun" solo i nearly had a heart attack.

WILCO/THE JAYHAWKS, CINCINNATI ZOO, CINCINNATI, OH, 1995: one of the most memorable days of my life. the show was absolutely incredible, the folks we met were a blast, and the hours after the show downing beers in the hills of cincinnati were equally as memorable.

MARAH, THE PONTIAC, PHILADELPHIA, PA, 1998: at the time, i thought that marah were the best live band on earth. and they were. for about a six month period i was driving to philly for EVERY marah show. this was the original incarnation of marah with metz and donnie (i think those were their names) and they were the roughest, drunkest, rowdiest band i'd ever seen.