Bidding Farewell

How do we go about shedding a part of you that's been present for more than half of your life? Something that's brought on joy, memories, euphoria, while at the same time causing repeated harm? Whether it be a lover, another relationship, a depenency or something else that's gripped you for years, how do you say goodbye?

This morning I rose from bed and realized that it's time. It's been an ally and an enemy. It's been a calming stabilizer and a destructive force. I can't guarantee that this goodbye will be permanent, but the effort will be there. That dear old song and dance has been ever-present for too long. It'll be a new place without it. Hopefully a better place.


nc said...

Congratulations on the one month anniversary of making this pledge! Just wanted to say how proud and happy I am that you've been so dedicated to this resolution.

~ noreen