The Dems in '08

Since I'm still pretty much undecided (unless Gore enters the race), it'll be interesting to see how my opinions change over the next year plus.

Here's how I'd rank the current candidates:

1. John Edwards: I'm still not 100% sold on Edwards, but as of today, he's my guy. There's something genuine about this guy that grabs me.

2. Joe Biden: If I had a political discussion with Biden, we'd probably agree on 99/100 issues. My only reservations with him center around his ability to be a hothead. When he's relaxed and focused, he's damn near perfect.

3. Barack Obama: He's yet to do much for me, but all of my damn friends are supporting him. And since I usually agree with them regading the Yankees, Bob Dylan's catalog and the merits of The Brooklyn Inn, I figure they've got to be onto something.

Hillary Clinton: Way too political for me. I loved Bill. I'm not a fan of Hillary. I suppose this could change.

Bill Richardson: I used to like this guy. I still respect him immensely, but he is ALL over the place as a candidate.

Again, if Gore throws his hat into the race, my candidate is selected. I will immediately contribute and volunteer.

If a republican wins, I finally get to move overseas.


tuvana said...

I agree that Hillary is not too exciting - but I think she has the spine and the political machinery to play dirty just like the Republicans. The Dems need that!