Slobberbone: A Retrospective

The day I learned that the band Slobberbone were calling it quits was one of the biggest musical letdowns of my life. I discovered this fantastic foursome from Denton, Texas at some point in the late 90s. Their show at Club De Ville in Austin during SXSW 1999 still stands as the greatest show I've ever seen in my life. Yes, in my life. I've probably seen close to 1,000 live shows, but this one still stands as the best.

Slobberbone were a band that played with utter ferocity. They mixed this jarring rock n' roll with spellbinding lyrics and a stage presence that just epitomized rock n' roll. Whether they were playing before 400 people or four, it never mattered to Slobberbone. They played their hearts out every night.

Over the course of a few years, I got to hang out with lead singer/songwriter Brent Best. Hanging out with Brent was just like hanging out with a good friend. We'd talk about Uncle Tupelo, baseball, politics, guitars (I pretended to know what I was talking about), Texas and many other topics. Brent was a pure class act. Despite not making much money, Brent and the rest of Slobberbone dedicated their lives to music. It was what they had to do.

In late-2004 Slobberbone called it quits. They ended up making a few changes to the band and reforming as The Drams (with three members, including Brent, still in tact). They released their first record, "Jubilee Dive", in 2006. Once again, Brent and company released a great record, but it's just not Slobberbone. I've seen The Drams a number of times live and will continue to follow them. The spirit's still there, but there was something special about Slobberbone. From 1996-2002, they released only four records, three of which are absolutely fantastic. They're a band that never got their due. They're a band whose music stands the test of time. They're a band that meant the world to me.

A friend recently heard some Slobberbone while hanging out at my apartment. I agreed to make him a mix. And here it is.

Slobberbone - A Retrospective
Barrel Chested
Pinball Song
Trust Jesus
Your Excuse
Find the Out
Whiskey Glass Eye
Engine Joe
Front Porch
To Love Somebody
Lazy Guy
Sister Beams
I Can Tell Your Love Is Waning
Springfield, IL
Some New Town
One Rung