A Weekend in Politics

First the Supreme Court basically overturns one of the greatest decisions for civil rights in American history, and today W. commutes a convicted criminal.

W is really making a concerted effort to go down as the worst president in American history. Almost on a daily basis, he delivers a decision, speech, etc. that only add to his laundry list of activities that prove that he's nothing short of a selfish crook. This man should not only be removed of his role as president, but he should be locked up. He has knowingly committed so many egregious acts that it's becoming almost laughable.

As I'm typing this, I hear Joseph Wilson in reference to W, "He's just not a decent individual." That's really what it comes down to. This man is such a lying, deceitful and manipulate jerk that I almost have to stop following. I realize that that will be throwing in the towel, so I refuse to take this course.

WHEN WILL THE AMERICAN PUBLIC START SHOWING SOME OUTRAGE? EVER? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? Oh right, the majority of us are too busy TIVO'ing Paris Hilton's interview with Larry King.