Karl Rove's Departure

Ya know, when I heard that Rove was stepping away, I thought I'd be thrilled and filled with disgust at the things he's done to harm this great country. While I am happy to see him go away (thought I'm skeptical that he'll really be out of the picture), this man has ceased angering me. I'm finding that the time has come to move on from these despicable people. I mean, we're only a little over a year away from an end to this fiasco, so why not start looking at what may be a bright future.

I sincerely hope that a democrat grabs the presidential nod in 2008, but regardless of who wins the White House, nothing could be worse than Bush and co. (ok, maybe Guiliani could rival them). But this awful period in American history is just about over. And that's a good thing. Hopefully the Bush administration will for one second consider the damage they've done to this country and the world, and actually lighten up over the next year plus. I doubt it, but we can hope.

Karl Rove's legacy is clear. He was a political mastermind, but he was a terrible person for this country and for our democracy. He has to live with that, no one else. Maybe stepping aside from politics will afford him the time to realize that there's more to life than manipulation, greed, lying and suppressing the will of the country. Maybe he'll become a better person (I mean, you can't get much worse).

Today the country is better off. Let's hope that Mr. Rove stays away from the political arena for good. If he does, we'll all be better off.