Senate Passes Wiretapping Bill

That's right folks, the democrats have cowered to the president again. The vote was 60-28. I have not seen the roll call yet (and I've looked everywhere), but I am infuriated. Why did we vote in the democrats? What have they done for us? They've passed the funding bill. Now they've passed the unconstitutional wiretapping bill. Our democracy is caving before our eyes and the democrats are helping to make this happen. I am without words.

I MUST see which democrats voted in favor of this. When I do, I will post.

"Americans need to understand that there are coldblooded killers who want to come to our homeland for death" --George Bush, 9/3/07 (that might not be the *exact* quote as I'm translating from what I'm hearing on the TV behind me)

STOP WITH YOUR SCARE TACTICS YOU MORON! I can't believe that the democrats allowed this to happen. Let's hear what the presidential candidates have to say about this.