Senator John Edwards in SF

I was fortunate enought to see Senator Edwards speak in San Francisco today. He spoke at a medium-sized club during the lunch hour. The place was packed from wall-to-wall with about 300 people in attendance.

Although he seemed a bit rushed and only spoke for about 20 minutes total, Edwards' vision for America is almost precisely what I'm looking for. Sure, he didn't have the time to explain *how* all of his proposals will be carried out, but what he talked about had a strong impact on me.

Yes, he talked about the basics such as universal health care and ending the War In Iraq (obviously both HUGE issues, but we've heard this from all the candidates), but he hit on some new points that grabbed me. For instance, he proposed that the minimum wage should be hiked to $9.50. If you've ever read Barbara Ehrenreich's fantastic book "Nickle and Dimed", you'd probably agree with him in a heartbeat. With conviction and a slight hint of anger (which was perfect) he firmly stated that he'd close Guantanamo Bay before his first 24 hours in office ended. He also talked about the United States funding education programs in some of the more impoverished areas on the planet.

But most importantly, I did get the feeling that this man MEANS what he speaks. He didn't seem like a predictable and scripted candidate. He seemed real.

I haven't officially made my decision, but I went into today leaning towards Edwards. After seeing him speak for less than a half hour, I'm now more than just leaning.