Bruce Springsteen / Ticketmaster

This morning I sat in a meeting staring at the clock on my laptop. Around 958am or so I began refreshing the Ticketmaster page. At about 1001am the "Find Tickets" link popped up for the Springsteen show at Oracle Arena in Oakland. I first tried for two tickets and clicked "Best Available". No seats available. I then went for just one ticket. Denied. And again. And again. Then it went through. I was offered a ticket in the upper tier, behind the stage for $93.50. No way. I refreshed again. And again. All I could find were single tickets behind the stage. When I realized that Ticketmaster would probably add about $20 in fees, and I'd be sitting behind the stage, without my girlfriend or a friend, I passed.

If you've read my blog even once, there was probably a mention of Springsteen. His music is what broke through me and began my lifelong love for rock n' roll. When I first heard "Born To Run" at the age of about five, I somehow felt something. Whenever I hear "Jungleland" I still feel like a five year old. I'm now 33 years old and this song sounds just as sweet as it did in the late 70s. It may just be one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Digress.

I wonder how these tickets went so fast? Could there REALLY have been this many people scouring for tickets at exactly 10am? Or did Ticketmaster (and perhaps the Bruce camp) have something to do with the scarcity of tickets? Could they have alloted a certain number of tickets to their corporate sponsors? Could Bruce finally have reached a point where he's leaving his fans behind? I just don't think it's possible. But I do wonder. I mean, he *is* signed to SonyBMG, and we all know about them. And does an artist of Bruce's caliber have to go through Ticketmaster? I mean, maybe he does, given how massive his tour will be. But aren't there other options? There have to be.

I have had MANY bad experiences with Ticketmaster. Granted, this morning's disappointment may have simply been the result of rabid fans. But maybe it wasn't. Nevertheless, the experience left me so frustrated that I no longer care about seeing Springsteen. I've seen him about 50 times in the past and I have memories that will never fade away.

Instead, my friend Scott will be in town and we'll be heading over to Cafe du Nord to see Kelly Willis. I doubt I'll have to pay $93 plus some absurd fees and have to stare at her back.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind staring at Kelly Willis' back. FRED44

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's because nobody knows who that bitch is, you fool.

Campbell said...

"that bitch" - wow, you're a bright one.