Democrats "Debate" in New Hampshire

I could make this entry long-winded and full of disappointment, but ya know what, it's just not worth it. Tonight's two-hour debate was just terrible. Aside from John Edwards, and perhaps Joe Biden, the candidates completely phoned it in. Barack Obama looked TERRIBLE. He was listless, predictable and all over the place. Hillary Clinton, whom I was starting to like a bit, threw me back to my original opinions on Hillary: stiff, too conservative and too aligned with the elites (and wait, she voted FOR the Iran resolution today. Is she kidding?). People argue that she can play the game and that'll help her get into office. Is that what this country really wants and needs? Just another caricature who can play the game? Maybe some do, but not me. We're in pretty desperate and critical times right now and we need something NEW. We need someone with heart, vision and curiosity. We do NOT need the same old.

And what about Tim Russert? What is your favorite passage in the bible? Should there be a smoking ban in public places? Yankees or Red Sox? Good work getting at the issues there, Tim. (I realize that the last one was in good fun, but man, where's Morrow when you need him. The U.S. mainstream media is beyond embarassing.)

This country desperately needs new blood in this race. Since Al Gore, unfortunately, appears to be out, my hope resides in a possible Bloomberg/Hagel ticket. I think it's a longshot that he/they enter, but if they do, I will give them strong consideration. While living in NYC, I was very impressed with Bloomberg. He speaks his mind and carries through with what he believes in. He did NOT pay attention to opinion polls, but rather went with policies that he believed were right for the people, and in most cases they were.

Give me something to believe in. Anything.