Wilco River

It's late, I'm exhausted and I'm in need of a bed. But I did say that I'd post something about the Wilco show and I haven't. Simply put, this band may be at its peak. I've seen Wilco going on 40 (maybe 50?) times, and although they don't have the all-out abandon that they did in 1997 or so, they are extremely tight and the cohesive sound is unreal. Their new take on "Via Chicago" is one of the best live version of any Wilco songs I've ever seen. The tracks off of "Sky Blue Sky" are fueled with emotion and energy live. And Nels Cline is finally living up to his reputation as one of the best guitarists traversing the Earth today (god, that sounded awful, but you get the point).

Tonight was Okkervil River at the Independent. This was another fantastic show in a string of great shows. "John Allyn Smith Sails" is the best song released so far this year, and it was chilling live. I can't recall a song that so beautifully encapsulates a tragic story into a song full of life, sadness, euphoria and redemption. This song is a full damn novel thrown into a song that checks in at less than five minutes.

"A wise man knows, when it's time to go. So I fly into the brightest winter sun of this frozen town, I'm stripped down to move on. My friends, I'm gone" --Will damn Sheff