NY Yankees & Joe Torre

It looks like tonight will be the end of an era, of sorts. This Yankee run, which began in 1995 (despite losing to the Mariners), was one hell of a run. Many of the heroes have since left or retired, most notably Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams and Scott Brosius. But there were also many others who contributed to this amazing run: Jimmy Key, Darryl Strawberry, Charlie Hayes, Wade Boggs, David Wells, David Cone, Jim Leyritz, Tino Martinez, El Duque, John Wetteland, Joe Girardi, Jeff Nelson, Tim Raines and the list goes on.

There are but a few remaining from the core of this run. Derek Jeter. Jorge Posada. Mariano Rivera. And, of course, Joe Torre. Joe Torre brought such class and balance to the team, its fans and to the city of New York. He has been beloved by New York for over a decade.

All that said, it does feel like it's time for a change. Not because of Torre, but rather just because of time. He guided the ship for many of the most exciting years in New York Yankees history. Without his leadership, I highly doubt that the Yankees would have won four World Series titles and made the playoffs year-in and year-out.

When spring rolls around, the Yankees will see a new skipper calling the shots. But there will never be another Joe Torre, and there will never be another Joe Torre era. It was special. The #6 should be put to rest for good, right smack in between Joe D. and The Mick.