Thurs - Sun

-I arrive at the airport to see N on line, but looking a bit tense (which she rarely looks). Turns out she forgot the dresses for the two weddings and will need to catch a quick cab home and return to the airport. We make the flight by about two minutes.
-We arrive in Charleston and my suitcase doesn't follow.

-Still no suitcase.
-Confession: Due to a major time constraint and ZERO clothes, I stopped into Wal-Mart. I bought packages of t-shirts, boxers, socks and pack of smokes for a grand total of $26. I still can't believe that I went to Wal-Mart.
-Sister gets married. I see a lot of my father's side of the family but keep cautious distance. We had a fun time. It was great to meet my now brother-in-law who seems like a pretty class guy.
-Still no suitcase.

-Negative on the suitcase (oh, the airline was US Air).
-Drive from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to catch wedding #2.
-Attend the wedding of a friend I've known since about the age of six. Wonderful wedding and a great time.
-Get to hotel at 1130pm and set alarm for 4am.

-Get to airport at 5am.
-Suitcase arrives at Charleston airport. I pick it up.
-Stand in line at AirTran check-in for over an hour. We're then notified (along with about 40 other passengers) that they couldn't hold the flight. Everyone on the line was waiting for just THIS flight, but they had only one person at the check-in.
-We're informed that we can take an 1140am flight to Philly, wait 3.5 hours and then get to SF at 730pm (we were scheduled to arrive at 1215pm). We agree.
-N and I go through security and I get singled out. Pretty smooth check although I had to wait about 15 minutes.
-Nice guy on line informs me that AirTran refunded his fare for the inconvenience. I haul ass back through security and request the same deal. They put in the request.
-I go through security and they pick me out AGAIN. My patience runs thin and I'm a bit unnerved. I get through without ending up in cuffs.
-We arrive at SF at 710pm.

I am now home. What a whirlwind of a weekend. It was great to see the weddings of my sister and a lifelong friend. But man, that travel experience was straight out of a horrible Ben Stiller movie.

Thank you N for persisting through it all. All in all, it was a very nice long weekend, despite sleeping a total of about five hours.

Good night.