Clinton 46% Giuliani 45%

Those are the current numbers if these two win their respective nominations. A friend also told me that evidently 55% of married men in the US will not vote for Clinton under any conditions.

Given the Bush presidency, how can the democrats have a 1% lead right now? The answer is simple: Hillary Clinton. Too many people in this country detest her and I don't see that changing. That said, Howard Dean needs to round up the troops and walk away from Clinton. Now! They can't afford to wait longer, continue to pour money into her campaign, and then let the floodgates open for the attacks. Remember her immigration waffling in last week's debate? The republicans are going to play that OVER AND OVER and we're going to see another John Kerry.

Nearly all polls suggest that this country wants major change. Hillary Clinton is not the answer to that desire.

I see two people that will handily take back the White House for the democrats: Al Gore or John Edwards. Since Gore has yet to enter (and most say that he won't), the democratic party should put all of their ammunition behind John Edwards. He's a Southerner, he has strong positions and convictions. He was the first to put out a comprehensive health care program. He is the change that this country wants. Is he perfect? No, but he's the guy we need.

Barack Obama? I think he could be a future president but not in the next year. He's too inexperienced and the right-wing attack dogs will likely bury him.

John Edwards has been through a presidential campaign, he knows how to fight and he's ready to lead this country. Even after an outstanding performance in last week's debate, he is still at around 11%. I don't know how this is possible, other than the feeling that no one's paying attention. Well, I'm paying attention. The democratic party should be as well.