My E-Mail to DNC Chair, Howard Dean

Dear Governor Dean,

I have been a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party (although only 34 years old), and despite my objections with the lackluster efforts since we took back Congress in 2006, I remain aligned with the Democrats.

I quit my job in late 2003 to volunteer for the Kerry campaign (well before any of the primaries) and worked for his campaign (gratis) for about eight months. When my money ran out, I had to return to work. However, this election was too important for me to sit on the sidelines. Although I'm making this very simplistic, I firmly believe that if Senator Kerry took on the Swift Boaters he'd be in the White House right now. I digress.

My reason for writing revolves around my grave concern about the upcoming presidential election. As I'm sure you're keenly aware, this is an absolutely critical election. Both 2000 and 2004 were extremely important to the future of this great nation, and we've all witnessed the horrific results of losing those elections.

I will get to the point. We *must* have a candidate who can win nationally. And as much as I believe in many of her causes, Senator Clinton is NOT the answer. If we choose her as the nominee, the possibility of yet *another* defeat (in a year that should be fairly easy for the dems to win) is too much of a risk.

Many say that Barack Obama is the alternative. After watching every democratic debate, I disagree. I like Senator Obama, but he is not seasoned enough and the debates have proven this.

The answer is Senator John Edwards. He is passionate. He is strong. He is from the South. He *will* win the general election. I realize that you have much greater knowledge of this than I do, but my gut and my research keep leading me back to Edwards. I implore you to give this serious consideration.

Oh, and if you're looking for any folks in the Bay Area to join the cause, I am more that simply interested. I firmly believe that I can help your party.

I appreciate your time, Governor Dean.

All the best,
Mr. Bandwagon