I have recently made a pledge to myself to do my best to steer clear of all of things that bring me down. For example, watching ANY network news, getting frustrated over the corruption that is my insurance carrier (Blue Shield), the growing crime in my home city and countless other things.

Tomorrow I will spend Thanksgiving here in SF with my girlfriend and a few close friends, and three cats.

This may be corny, but I need to write down some of the things that I feel grateful for this past year.

-Phone calls from my mother
-Every time N laughs
-My amazing friendships all over, but in the past year, the number of great friendships that have developed here in SF
-Josh Ritter
-My trip to Oregon a few months ago
-Witnessing my sister and Thurm getting married (not to each other)
-Live music
-My music collection
-The New Yorker
-The cows that I saw in some field in Oregon
-All the times that N makes me smile
-Thurm's trip out here
-Slint & Daniel Johnston @ Bimbo's
-Being able to afford my rent
-Ping Pong
-Looking to 1/09
-The cat that's always in my backyard
-Good people
-Bidding farewell to some things
-Jeff Tweedy
-Russ Feingold