Christmas 2007

It's only the 23rd and this has already been one of the best Christmas' in recent memory. N and I had a classic day yesterday: exchanged some great great gifts, went out for a sensational dinner (courtesy of The Blouses) and watched about 22 episodes of "Extras". This morning we slept in. Ok, we slept in until I begged her to get up so we could get omelettes. We ran into C Muenz which was a nice surprise as I've been meaning to call him.

I took the above photo while N and I were in Oregon a few months back. My big gift from N was a blown up version on a big piece of wood. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received. It's as much my creation as it is hers. Thank you, N.

2007 has been one of the most memorable years of my life. As those close to me know, I've been able to abandon some things and my will power has even surprised me. But as I said to N today, the reason that this has been such a fulfilling year has little to do with those accomplishments, but rather the realizations that I've come to. And many of these realizations surround the discovery of what's important in my life: my friendships, my family, music, art, good people in general, nature, and so on. I have seen so many things this year that simply escaped me in years past. N opened my eyes to many of these things, and many just came by being more curious.

Just today one of the greatest people/family's in my life left SF for Chicago. In years past, this friend would likely have simply been a "drinking buddy", but this year brought so much more depth to my relationships. The Blouses are now 1500 miles away, but I know my friendship with them will only continue to grow.

So many of you have added joy, support and laughs to my life. Many are here in SF, while many are spread across the country, and even the world. Tonight I received a call from someone I haven't spoken to in about a year. He just wanted to wish me well and send along his best. It was one of the best treats of this Christmas. Thanks, Z.

Tomorrow I head to Baltimore to visit some family. It's been a year since I've seen them and I can't wait.

Beth Orton's on in the background, my apartment's warm and things are good.

Happy holidays to anyone who lands on this page....