USFL (1983-1985)

The United States Football League was my real introduction into following sports passionately. I suppose it must have been my age. I was just entering my pre-teens and this league was getting started right at the time time that sports took on meaning for me. I was literally obsessed with the USFL.

I picked my favorite team the same way in which I picked my favorite NFL team: the best uniform. And this was the Washington Federals (later the Orlando Renegades). Unfortunately, the Federals turned out to be the worst team in the league's three-year existence, compiling a record of 12-42. It didn't matter to me. They were my team. I remember going to Giants Stadium and watching the New Jersey Generals and Herschel Walker *crush* my beloved Federals.

Although short lived, this was a fantastic league. Some may not remember, but many future NFL stars started in USFL, namely Steve Young and Jim Kelly.

Twenty-two years after the league's demise, I was able to find this t-shirt. It's on the way.