American Media

After tonight, I am done. For the past few years I've been an MSNBC junkie. I've never watched Fox and I can't stand the Anderson Cooper network. Why have I gone with MSNBC? Because like all networks, there's a clear slant, and MSNBC happens to hang out on my side of the fence. I may like Keith Olberman but he's hardly an unbiased reporter. Just like those bafoons on Fox, he doesn't cover the news, but rather feeds us with his views.

Here's what finally did me in. As we all know, Barack Obama has been on a roll, having won the last 11 primaries. Following his last victory, both Clinton and Obama set their eyes on Texas and Ohio. With two weeks until those contests, Clinton had a commanding lead in both states; most polls having her up by at least 20 points. As the days went by and Obama spent more time in both states, Clinton's leads began to shrink. And shrink. With a day before each primary, most polls had them deadlocked in both states. Sure sounds like Obama momentum to me.

But what has the media been reporting? Exactly the opposite. Despite winning 11 straight contests and stripping away Hillary's leads in both Ohio and Texas, for some odd reason, the media has been abuzz about Hillary's comeback? Comeback? Huh? There is simply one answer to this: ratings. If Obama wraps up the nomination tonight, the three aforementioned crap networks will lose their most precious story. If they can keep Hillary around, the ratings continue to soar.

Folks, this is not a free and unbiased media. This is all about ratings and corporate self-interest. I realize that this shouldn't come as a surprise, but I'm utterly disgusted by it. I've had enough. Maybe I'll make Keith's silly "Worst Person In the World" as a result.