Hillary Clinton

If Senator Clinton wins the nomination, I am fairly certain that I will not vote in the 2008 presidential election. One of the main reasons I've been proud to be a democrat, in addition to siding with them on about 95% of the issues, has been the way that they've carried themselves over the years. Since the republican electorate generally has a much lower IQ than that of the democrats, it's deplorable, yet understandable, that the republicans often resort to dirty and moronic campaign tactics. That said, I have never seen a democratic candidate turn to such despicable tactics.

Today Hillary Clinton, in a move of severe desperation, turned the conversation back to Reverend Wright. Barack Obama confronted his relationship with last week and delivered a very honest and powerful speech. Right when we thought that the party would finally turn back to the issues, Senator Clinton wouldn't let go. This is unforgiveable.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton agree on about 99% of policy issues. However, given her unflinching narcissism, Hillary Clinton is doing everything imaginable to not only tear apart the democratic party, but to cost the party the election this year. Don't be fooled, for Senator Clinton, this election is not about the American people; it's about Hillary Clinton. She's made it very clear that she's much more concerned with her hunger for power than she is for the welfare of the American people.

Barack Obama has run an honest, intelligent and respectful campaign. His campaign has proven which candidate is truly ready to be the next leader of the free world.