HiIllary's Rove

I think I found the culprit. Clinton's Communications Director, Howard Wolfson, appeared on MSNBC this morning and clearly had the Karl Rove playbook resting on his lap. He mentioned Tony Rezko 3-4 times, referred to Obama's stance on NAFTA as NAFTA-gate and pretty much annointed Hillary the nominee, the head of the UN and the greatest American since Abraham Lincoln. First the pathetic 3am red phone ad and now this moron.

When the campaign started, I was with John Edwards. When Edwards stepped aside, I moved to Obama but knew that I'd support whomever won the nomination. Given Hillary's tactics of late, this is no longer the case. If she miraculously comes back and takes the nomination, I will give serious consideration to Ralph.


AlexR said...

If you support Nader, we're not friends any more. :)