The American Electorate

Barack Obama's campaign for the presidential nomination has revealed one absolute: the American public, as a whole, is not very smart. I've reached this conclusion based on the public's reaction to the most prominent attack ads repeatedly launched at Obama. Let's take a look at a few:

1. After being ingnored by our leaders, middle-class voters become bitter and turn to religion and guns. Was the Senator not spot on? He wasn't insulting the working class, but rather highlighting the fact that they feel disenfranchised, and as a result, focus on issues that they *can* be vocal about. As Obama said, these folks have been promised time-and-again that their economic concerns would be addressed, yet jobs continue to move overseas in droves, and the lower to middle class suffer. As a result, they turn to things that they can control: spirituality, social issues, etc. Obama was correct here.

2. Not disowning Rev. Wright over his controversial comments. In his race speech, Senator Obama eloquently reminded the nation that we are all care for and love people that we disagree with on some issues. Though seemingly simple, was this not a profound statement? This landmark speech expressed more about the human condition than any president has in decades. Obama was asking us to have open-minds to those around us, especially those close to us. On a personal level, I have a few family members who have never hid their racist tendencies. I've heard the *n* word over dinner. Almost every time I excused myself from the table. But this didn't change my deep feelings for this person. He/she is a part of my family and has done many amazing and selfless things to people close to me. I vehemently disagree on this issue, but that doesn't mean that I'll disown this person.

Barack Obama has attempted to have an honest and raw discussion with the American people. The only problem is that the American public isn't up for it. We're a nation fixated on a dumbed-down version of everything. When intelligent candidates like Gore, Kerry and Obama attempt to open our minds, we call them elitists and long to have beer with the imbicile presently manning 1600 Penn Ave.

And we wonder why the republicans do little to foster education in this country. It's in their interest to keep us as dumb as the hillbilly fixated on his pistol.