Cable Nonsense Network

My decade-long obsession with cable news ends today. Ever since the Gore/Bush campaign began, I have been a cable news junkie. MSNBC is usually my network of choice, although CNN probably gets about 25% of my news viewing time.

A few years back I was disgusted with CNN when they let go of Aaron Brown in favor of 23 hours of Anderson Cooper in a windbreaker. But the past few months, they've really outdone themselves. The additions of Tony Harris and Rick Sanchez have truly doomed any credibility that this network once had. Both men are FOX News clones, over-hyping the most basic news bite with raised voices, odd facial expressions and an American Idol-esque simplicity. These men are puppets to their corporate bigwigs and exhibit absolutely zero journalistic integrity. Toss in the gratuitous Betty Nguyen legshots and you have a network that's simply fallen to the lowest form of news coverage. And don't even get me started on that freakshow Lou Dobbs.

Tonight I remove both CNN and MSNBC from my TV options. This narrows my TV watching to The Office, Frontline and baseball. Sorry, Wolf.