The Death of the Indie Record Store? Not at Shake It Records in Cincinnati

From Shake It Records:

*Update for 4/23/08 *


HOLY MOLY FOLKS!!!! This past Saturday, Record Store Day, was our busiest
day EVER! In the last 2 months, we've had 4 of our 5 best non-holiday Saturday's in sales since we opened the shop. And folks aren't buying physical CDs & LPs? They are in Cincy @ Shake It!

Yup, RSD was Shake It's best sales day& best karma day. That was alot of fun! We can't wait til next years'. It not only was a great day us but the diners & other retail around seemed to be busier, too. It was great to see that
people "get it' & by that I mean they see the importance of not only indie
record shops but indie businesses in general. Its refreshing & revitaling to see that folks value what we do & our place in the cultural landscape of
the city. It was resounding clear that folks dig what we do & for us it
reminds us that there is a responsibility that goes along with that support. We end up being custodians of that support & in turn we need to support
projects & places that contribute to a lively cultural environment whether
that be a check to Publico or Lite Brite or Midpoint or some of our inhouse projects like the Hospital Records reissues or soul/r&b projects. Yup, there;s
a good chance that Best Buy is gonna beat us on price the first week. ain't
nothin' I can do about that - we aint whoring out what we take pride in carrying to lure you in to buy a refrigerator to make up the lost margin. But is
Best Buy, or Target, or FYE or Circuit City gonna reissue important music
from Cincy's past like soul singer Kenny Smith or our upcoming project from Cody Black or the highly influential no-wave releases of Hospital Records. No, they ain't. Is Border's or whoever gonna spend countless hours organizing an exhibit of underground comic legend, Justin Green. No, so we do. We do although it makes very
little very finacial sense but nonetheless its important stuff that should be done.

The turnout last saturday was a resounding "We dig what yer doing! keep
on keepin' on."


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