Leaving NYC

Some sporadic thoughts:

-My friendships in NYC haven't subsided a bit. This week provided some of the best laughs in months.
-I do not like Manhattan at all.
-Despite many changes, I still absolutely love Brooklyn.
-I will certainly miss Yankee Stadium, despite the moron cops.
-I'm quite proud of my sister.
-Thanks to DB for providing a home for the week.
-I haven't listened to tunes at all this week. I need tunes.
-Boy am I tired.
-A diet would suit me well.
-What in the world happened to Smith Street?
-I missed Record Store Day.
-I bet Obama wins PA.
-Ok, he probably won't.
-Man was that an amazing tuna melt.

And finally....the West Coast now feels like home. I can't wait to get back. See you NY folks at Giants Stadium in the summer.