Today's Ridiculous Hipsters

The terrible band Abe Vigoda


Anonymous said...

this is actually one of the first bands i've really enjoyed in a while. what do you mean today's hipsters? god emersed aren't you. you're probably some fucking ska punk faggot who hasn't considered giving in, and you wish more bands could put brass in their music without sounding exacly the same. hats are mostly the only things that distinguish people in this scene, so ridiculous that they have colored different hats, right? and not some fucking fishing hat or you know lets be calm and try not to express artistic style. good idea, let's bland up the whole scene, you should wait until this fad passes, and then you'll realize that this post is absolutely useless just like the rest of your shitty blog. i'm sure you've felt this sick remorse plenty of times. i love you