Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" Wraps Film Production

Although clearly in the minority, I did not consider the first adaptation of McCarthy's work, No Country For Old Men, to be more than just an average movie. Then again, I was so enthusiastic about the novel, that any rendering would probably have left me disappointed.

In today's New York Times, I learned that McCarthy's other masterpiece, The Road, will be arriving on-screen in the late fall. This adaptation stars Viggo Mortensen, Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire), precocious Aussie upstart Kodi Smit-McPhee, as well as various cameos by other Hollywood stars, including Charlize Theron.

My interest in present-day film has been waning over the years. Trips to the local cinema used to be weekly occurences, but given the plethora of garbage making its way through studious these days, I rarely find myself energized enough to make the trip to the theatre. Let's hope that the second adaptation of McCarthy's brilliant writing is worthy of the trip.


Anonymous said...

You forgot about 'All The Pretty Horses.' It's also a masterpiece, but had a filmed adaptation that was not masterful.

Campbell said...

Good call. Thanks for the correction. I shall read the book.