Those Liberal Mississippians

Could the republican playbook finally have dried up? Has the country finally had enough of their fear-tactics, lies and deception? Have we all really caught on?

Lost in the coverage of West Virginia and the heartbreaking natural-disasters worldwide, was an astounding democratic House victory in Coffeeville, Mississippi. In a state that Bush won convincingly in 04 (62% of the vote), the voters scoffed at the predictable republican playbook. First they pulled out the race card and flooded the public of connections between the democratic candidate, Travis Childers, and presumptive presidential nominee Barack Obama. When that didn't work (it actually fueled African-American voters and ultimately helped Childers), they called in Dick Cheney, Jhn McCain, Haley Barbour, and even the president himself recorded taped messages that were sent out to voters. Again, nope.

Childers shocked Washington and spelled potential disaster for Republicans in November. If the democrats can now swipe seats in districts as traditionally right-wing as this, where can't they win? This would be akin to Karl Rove stealing Nancy Pelosi's seat in the Bay Area.

Is fundamental national public-policy change on the horizon? Could November 08 be the beginning of a democratic takeover of the House, Senate and the White House? If the recent happenings down South are any indication, it's certainly looking good.