US Aid To Burma

It disgusts me that this tragedy has brought out so much anger in me. But when I read this morning that Bush had offered up $3.25 million in aid (after an initial proposal of $250,000), I simply wanted to vomit. The people of Burma have suffered through nearly a half-century of hell, and they've just been flattened by one of the worst national disasters in world history, and Bush offers $3.25 million in aid? Folks, I hate to pull Iraq into this, but most estimates suggest that we're spending about $300 million per DAY in Iraq. And we can only muster up a few million for a helpless nation that may be looking at upwards of 100,000 deaths.

Sure there's a concern about how to get the money to the right people and aid groups, but our prick of a president should've hopped out of his cozy bed this morning and immediately offered up unconditional assistance to this country. But no. There's no financial reward for him and his scumbag cronies, so let's just shut everyone up by offering up a few bucks.

To anyone who reads this, the Burmese folks could really use your help. Since our shithead president is unwilling to lend a hand, maybe you can. I've been told that the following organizations are credible and will do everything imaginable to get the Burmese people the help they so desperately need:

Burmese American Democratic Alliance

Burmese American Women's Alliance

Foundation for the People of Burma

U.S. Campaign for Burma