The Best in Television

Aside from The Office, baseball and news, my days of watching television are basically over. Okay, so those three (especially given that an election's before us), still take up a pretty good deal of time. Nevertheless, in years past, I would watch entire seasons, and sometimes series, of a particular show. I'm sure HBO will churn out a new slew of thought-provoking and gripping shows in time. But as I reflect on the endless hours that I've spent before a television, I've compiled my favorite television series' of all-time.

And here they are:

#1 The Sopranos

#2 Six Feet Under

#3 The Wire

#4 Party of Five

#5 Curb Your Enthusiasm

#6 The Office

#7 Cheers

#8 The Honeymooners

#9 The Wonder Years

#10 Three's Company

Others Worth Noting: Seinfeld, Sports Night, The White Shadow, High Feather, The Real World, The Late Show With David Letterman, The Charlie Rose Show, Frontline, ER, Diff'rent Storkes, Knots Landing, Flight of the Conchords, The Simpsons, MASH