Tim Russert

His legacy should combine everything that he eloquently stood for: honesty, humility, family, passion, understanding, justice and integrity.

If there's ever a political/journalistic figure who deserves the accolades that we're hearing from all angles, it's Tim Russert. He was a man of immaculate integrity and warmth. Every single morning for the past two-plus years, I jettisoned out of bed, grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat down for an hour of Meet The Press. Tim Russert sat with and interviewed the most important individuals to traverse this planet, and he delivered his inquisitions with the utmost responsibility and insight.

In addition to his work at NBC, Tim Russert was a devout catholic. No, not in the sense of George Bush and Jerry Falwell, but rather as a true believer who held onto something higher. And then there was his family, most notably his father and his son, who clearly meant the world to him. Whether it was his son's accomplishments at Boston College or his father's influence, Tim Russert appreciated and recognized all those around him.

We can all point to his work as a journalist as his most profound influence on us. But it was his ability to use his platform to pull us back down to Earth that should truly be remembered. He not only informed us, but in the most subtle of ways, Tim Russert reminded us of what truly mattered.