America Today

Generally speaking, present-day Americans are lazy. And I don't just mean physically (which we clearly are), but more importantly, we are mentally idle when it comes to the tantamount issues that face this country and world. Oh, we can get nearly 100,000 people out in Portland to see Obama speak, but when it comes to truly stepping up to the plate, we're more comfortable adding applications to our iPhone or buying advance tickets to the new Batman movie.

What did it take for Americans to ease up on the SUV purchases? $4.00+ gas prices. We barely blinked when there was a near unanimous call from the science community to immediately curb our unnecessary addiction to oil. But boy, once it hit our pockets, well then we understood. Iraq War? Eh, those with the most powerful voices in this country (ie, those with $$), well, their kids aren't serving so we'll just let that one happen. Torture? Well, no one's putting me on the brink of drowning, so no big deal. Katrina? I don't know anyone in New Orleans.

This is the general mindset of the majority of Americans. If it doesn't impact their lives directly, then they'll gobble up their time at the mall or firing up wifi at the local Starbucks. And no one is more responsible for this utter disregard for the common good than George W. Bush. With our country mired in two wars, the economy slipping by the day, the environment creeping towards disaster and our reputation worldwide in the absolute tank, President Bush has asked virtually nothing of Americans at home. Not a thing. And this is absolutely despicable. Given his repeated massive blunders and his pathetic "leadership", there's little doubt that he will go down as one of the worst world leaders this planet has ever been forced to endure.

The New York Times' Bob Herbert's editorial Yes We Can should remind us all of what we can accomplish together. As Herbert reflects on some our greatest accomplishments, all Americans should realize that, once again, it's time that we all look to greater causes beyond our Sunday trip to the car wash.