Brent Best

If we lived in a world where writers like Larry Brown were read by the masses and the films of Atom Egoyan graced theatres everywhere, then musically, Brent Best would be streaming through ipods the country over. In all likelihood, unless you're someone I likely know by name or face, you probably don't know Brent Best. Well, at a late-night party at South By Southwest in March, I declared to an entire room that, "Brent Best is a better songwriter than Paul Westerberg." Despite having 15+ beers in me at the time, I'd still stand by that statement.

In addition to his songwriting, Best is equipped with a spirit and passion that is absolutely absent in so many artists today. Almost every day there's a new Fleet Foxes or a new Burial, but the majority of these acts are flashes in the pan. Brent Best is not, and nor will he ever be. Whether it be records such as Slobberbone's Barrel Chested and Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today or The Drams' Jubilee Dive, Brent Best is slowly entering Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen territory. Just like Neil and Bruce, Brent was born with rock n' roll inside. He didn't take this route for ego and fame, and he certainly didn't do it for the money; he's done it because it's what's inside. And this spirit is something you see every single time he performs.

The Drams

Brent Best has stood front-and-center for some of the greatest shows I've ever seen. And hopefully he'll be doing so for many years to come.