eMusic Answers the Call

As I mentioned a few months ago, eMusic would easily be the best site for purchasing digital music around, save for their search engine. Given their subscription model, eMusic's business has a greater chance of thriving if its users do not exhaust their available downloads each month. It's actually possible that this is the only way that eMusic stays above water. As a result, eMusic's search functionality has always been (intentionally) awful. Despite claiming to have about four million tracks, they do their darndest to keep you from finding the nuggets.

Over the past week or so, eMusic has finally turned a corner on this front. As voted on by subscribers, eMusic has released its Top 100 Albums. And the list is actually visible on eMusic's main page! My 90 downloads/month refreshes tomorrow, and after perusing the list, I already see numerous albums that'll drop into my iTunes by tomorrow evening.