The Faces To Reunite?

The BBC is reporting that a Faces reunion could be in the works. If ever there's a 60s-70s outfit that I would absolutely drool at seeing onstage together, it's The Faces. Five Guys Walk Into a Bar remains my favorite box set ever releeased, and it would be an absolute thrill to see these guys perform. Granted, 33 years following their break-up will likely leave a lot to be desired, most notably the absense of Ronnie Lane who died in 1997, but also, that drunken and carefree abandon that was a staple of this band. Years of feathered hair and pink suits has proven that Rod Stewart is a completely different human being than he was circa 1969, and Ron Wood's years on the road with the Rolling Stones has, over time, become somewhat of a joke.

Nevertheless, it's The Faces; one of rock n' roll's greatest treasures. And if this happens, I will forget "Broken Arrow" and the Stones parading through New York City, and pick up a ticket on day of sale.