First Purchase of "Original" Art

Tim Easton has been one of my favorite musicians for the past decade. From the absolutely fantastic Special 20 to the politically charged Ammunition, I wouldn't hesitate to call Easton one of the best songwriters going right now. I'm not sure if I can name an artist whose words I find more inspirational. "J.P.M.F.y.F." eloquently covers the religious right and faith in a way that no artist has done. The farewell to substances-themed "Dear Old Song & Dance" may have played the largest part in my decision to quit drinking for eight months.

And in addition to his music, Easton lives a life that I dream of. He evidently owns homes in Joshua Tree, CA and somewhere in Alaska. He makes music, paints and lives a modest life surrounded by musicians, friends and art. It's honestly everything I dream of. And a small part of that life will now adorn the wall of my living room.