New York Times Reader

I have received home delivery of the New York Times for about six months now, and had no idea about the Times Reader. Alright, that's not entirely true; a friend briefly mentioned it but I blew it off.

This morning I received a notification that my subscription cost would be going up $.60 per week. Instead of just chucking the notice, I read the entire letter and realized that I had access to Times Reader and almost 70 years of back issues (not sure why it runs to 1922 and then stops? I wanna read about the '27 Yanks.)

I downloaded the Times Reader a few minutes ago and my oh my. This is fantastic. It's literally like having the entire newspaper, full-size, on your monitor. I realize that that may sound like any other news site, but trust me, if you're a subscriber to the NYT, download this application. It's the best online news experience I've seen yet.


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